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Post by Admin Tue Mar 17, 2020 7:54 pm

Good evening, Everyone.  Very Happy     I hope your day went well and your night goes the best. I have been thinking about this post for a while and the industry examples I'm going to use - they will be nameless. These brands are genuine brands that are well-liked by many but I noticed something about them both and I decided to discuss this mindset they both have. I thought their counterparts thought this way only but that is not true. I have seen this type of chart in other brands that are opposite in clothing type but I thought it must be the type of clothing they sell. Now I know it's most of the clothing industry.

So, I have been cyber shopping on two sites that are similar to each other, they are separated by Junior plus and Womens-with Juniors sprinkled in there. I looked at the size charts when looking at tops and noticed that the chart measurements for each size start with Bust then Waist and Hip.                        

Then, I noticed the sizing for Bust was 38 at the first size which was size 10. The bust size increased from there along with the clothing size.
Other clothing brands on the other side of the spectrum do the same but their sizing is completely different. What they call Skinny, Regular and then Plus Juniors, a 38 bust does not start until Plus Juniors or high clothing size in Regulars.

Both brands and even a lot of manufacturing think or believe that only certain body types or sizes can be busty. I'm on more than one busty community and we discuss how at young ages - grade school to junior high we became busty overnight and then we increased in being busty. Also, we were in underthings that were in the women's section very early.  

I thought these brands would know this somewhat but I found they don't.  

Being busty has nothing to do with body weight or size. It's a body part that some curvy people have. And the size of this part does not depend on body weight or size.  A 38 bust can be on a 100lb curvy or a 120lbs curvy naturally. The same with a 40, 46, 48, etc.  

The chart's for both brands:

Clothing Industry Mindset Z9WJrXkl

Clothing Industry Mindset ULzFcNPl
Clothing Industry Mindset LkjHBl4l

One brand makes clothes for curvy women, they specialize in that.  I know not everyone can do that for whatever the reason, so I'm here to show that a busty curvy can dress in tops that look good and fit her curves well.

It's all about fabrics and trying on lots of different materials and styles so you know what works for you. It might be a process for a while but when you find out it will be worth it.

Clothing brands and manufacturing need to know that a 36/38/40 can be in grade school, and not to assume that all kids are the same. The same with teens and adults, we are all different and have different clothing needs.

Alright Everybody, have a great night. Thank you for reading and I will see you in my next post.  Cool


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